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We help UK Slicing Pie startups and entrepreneurs who want clear, pragmatic legal advice.
We keep things simple.

before you begin

If you want to bounce legal questions off us about Slicing Pie and/or your business, then we’re happy to chat. Also, click on the links below for answers to some of our most popular FAQs.

…when you are ready

We offer legal services and essential corporate, IP and finance advice, so that you can:

  • Incorporate

    Set up a Slicing Pie-appropriate company or LLP vehicle at Companies House.

  • Slicing Pie

    Legally implement Slicing Pie so that everyone has a dynamic equity share based on their inputs.

  • IP

    Ensure that the business owns all the IP (intellectual property) that you’re developing.

  • Finance

    Make sure that anyone paying business expenses formally gets pie if they’re not repaid.

  • Control

    Agree how your business will operate, e.g. who makes which decisions, and co-founder rights

  • Tax

    Pay 20% CGT – or 10% if you qualify for Business Asset Disposal Relief (a.k.a. Entrepreneurs’ Relief) – on gains if you sell Slicing Pie company shares.

Our solutions set up Slicing Pie in a UK company, LLP or partnership, and are perfect if you haven’t established a legal vehicle yet (because we do that for you). For more information, get in touch.

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…and after you’re set up

We provide ongoing support to help you look after your Slicing Pie startup, including:

Launch essentials

Customer terms and conditions and website terms of use that reflect what you do and the voice of your brand.

Business contracts

Advising on, negotiating and drafting a wide range of contracts, including CDAs, licences and service agreements.

Corporate support

Ongoing help with looking after your Slicing Pie legals, including new joiners & leavers, company secretarial etc.

We love to help

Our hourly rates are £100/hour and our Slicing Pie services start from £3,995 for two grunts, with additional grunts from £200 each. For more information about how we can help, get in touch to arrange a 45 minute free first consultation.

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